Monday, August 6, 2012

#30Lists: This Week's Meals

Today the #30Lists ladies and I are joining forces to bring you some awesome listing inspiration for the upcoming 30 Days of Lists Challenge! You can check out more about the challenge in previous posts, or at the #30Lists site.

Our 30 Days of Lists pre-topic is:

Jeff and I are headed up-state for a couple days where we have full access to a grill and a huge amount of outdoor space; so I've planned accordingly.

My menu list is in the 3-ring list book I created last week. I used a similar silhouette cut file on the front cover as I did for this page -- I'll be sharing this cut file (and more) later on this month. 

I added some stamping, and a lot of handwritten listing. I've been working on improving my handwriting and listing is very helpful. 

I really hope this sneak into the 30 Days of Lists challenge will encourage you to join us. Whether you're a scrapbooker looking to journal more, a list-making junkie, or just a fun person who wants to write a little bit every day, this challenge will inspire you. 

Check out everyone else's take on this week's menus.