Tuesday, September 11, 2012

5 Tips for Improving Your Handwriting

The Written Word: 5 Tips for Improving Your Handwriting
  1. Practice: Work on your handwriting whenever you can. Writing down notes, to-do lists, or just random journaling when you have some extra time. If you consistently work on improving your handwriting, it will naturally evolve over time. 
  2. Find Your Pen: Figure out what pen works best for you. My favorite pen is the Penstix India Ink pen. I always have one with me, an extra in my purse, and one on my scrapbook table. Try using thicker tipped pens, thinner tipped pens, ball point, markers, pencils; and find out which one you feel most comfortable with. 
  3. Try Writing Differently: Do you normally print? or are you a cursive-type writer? Switch it up and see how changing your writing style can help you to incorporate new ways of making your letters. 
  4. Identify Your Weaknesses: What specifically do you not like about your handwriting? Which letters, which loops? Identify those problems and work on them specifically. I hated my number 2 for a while, so for a solid month I spent time every day (whenever I was writing) and worked on making my 2's look better. 
  5. Take Pride in Your Writing: Everyone's handwriting is unique. You're never going to have the exact same handwriting as someone else, so try not to spend too much time comparing. Your handwriting should be a mark of who you are, so be proud of it and you'll learn to love it even more. 
I've written before about my favorite writing supplies. Sometimes a new pen or notebook is just the thing to get you motivated in a new direction. Other posts on the written word can be found here.