Monday, September 3, 2012

The Written Word: Push Yourself to Journal Everyday

Last week I talked about where I'm headed with this blog. Today I'm going to share a project that highlights two of the areas that I'm focusing on: journaling/writing & putting more me into my creative projects.  

This is my 30 Days of Lists journal. I wanted to go minimalist, but I also wanted something that had a central theme running through all the pages.

My Themes
  1. Patterned Grid Paper: Each page is made out of grid paper. Assorted colors, sizes, etc. 
  2. Front Side: Single Lawn Fawn Book Stamp with day/list number inside & list title running up the side
  3. Back Side: Lists hand-written with number stickers 
List One: I am a lister because...

Writing every day has been important. Its made me write better, write quicker, and it made it easier to come up with topics to write about. Even just jotting down lists helps getting the writing process moving.

This journal lets me concentrate on the writing aspect without losing the fun/creative part. Because I've set those general rules for myself, I can still make a few creative choices (what color paper, or which number stickers) while focusing on the written words.

List Two: Goals for this month...

Check out more information about 30 Days of Lists here.
Looking for some new journaling supplies? I've reviewed my favorites.

Questions for you: 
  • What steps have you taken steps to write more? 
  • Do you ever feel like certain projects are more 'you' than others? 
Leave your thoughts in the comments section.