Thursday, October 11, 2012

Documenting Your Getaway // Part 3: Finishing Up at Home


This is the third article in a multi-part series on how to prepare for and document those quick trips away from home. Road Trips, Long Weekends, Festivals, even Stay-cations can get scrapped in record time with lots of detail and fun. Today's topic will cover finishing up your book at home. The first article in this series covered making a kit to take with you and the second article in this series covered taking your kit on the road and how to make the most of your time

So now that you're home from vacation with your mini-book semi-complete, how do you finish it off? There are a couple of different ways that I go about finishing up my travel mini-book. These tips and tricks can be used to finish up any mini-book/project that you have hanging around.

Tips for Finishing Up a Project:
  1. Start at the Beginning, open up the first page and add whatever embellishments/journaling to finish off the page. Now that you're home, feel free to pull out any embellishments that you have in your stash. 
  2. Finish Telling a Story, flip to a specific page and finish telling that specific story; get all the details out in one shot and let your mind move onto telling other stories. 
  3. Work on the Bigger Stuff First, by completing the bigger sections of a project first, I get a sense of completion and the smaller parts of the project seem much less daunting. 
  4. Mix in Some Fun, add in fun elements (like the page in this book that only has thickers on it) to give yourself a break from the work of storytelling. Add fun colors, design elements, embellishments, etc. 
  5. Pull out Favorite Embellishments, grab a few of your favorite sticker sheets, or some washi tape and stick down your embellishments where ever you have free space. Not only will you use up some of your stash, your album will have a theme running throughout. 
Here is my finished album. This was a great project for me, and probably wound up being one of my favorite mini-books of all time. 

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