Sunday, November 4, 2012

Adventures This Month: October

Each month I do a monthly recap post, like Amy's of Lemon and Raspberry. A place where I can remember the songs, movies, and memories of the past 30 days. I encourage everyone to play along and do a monthly re-cap of their own. Leave a link in the comments if you do, or let me know what you think I should read/listen/write next month! Previous recaps can be seen here

A little bit of background information on the impact of Hurricane Sandy. We live on a hill, so our immediate house and neighborhood are pretty much okay. Most of the power has been returned and we are starting to move onto recovery mode. Unfortunately there are others that haven't been nearly as lucky. We live only 4 miles from Newark, NJ and 7 miles from Hoboken, NJ; both of which have been devastated. If you haven't yet donated, please consider monetary or blood donations to the Red Cross or to the local fire departments here in in the Metro NYC area. I will continue to update on the storm and its aftermath as long as it is affecting our lives.





What have you been up to this past month? Let me know what's going on. I feel a little bit out of the loop with school and this big giant storm. Do you do a recap of your own month? week? If so, I'd love to see it!