Thursday, December 13, 2012

5 Tips to Capturing Your Right Now

Do you take the time to capture the 'right now'? Today we'll talk about how to document what's currently going on in your life. 

'Right Now' scrapbooking is one of my favorite ways to scrapbook. I recently completed this 'Right Now' Mini book. It's so much fun to go back and see what music I was listening to, what tv shows I was watching, what books I had on my desk and whatever else was important at that moment. Here is a printable .pdf journaling prompt download to go along with today's post. 

5 Tips to Capturing Your Right Now
  1. Don't Limit Yourself. Create a mini-book; create a layout; create an altered canvas; create an art journaling page. Make sure to use some of your favorite supplies, whatever they are. It will really help to bring your personality through to the project. 
  2. Jot Down Notes. Its much easier to plan out your project if you spend a couple of minutes writing out your thoughts and creating a little outline. If you're stuck on ideas, use the .pdf prompt to help you come up with journaling topics. 
  3. Don't Overthink It. Don't spend too much time trying to make this the perfect list. Odds are if you can't come up with it in a couple of minutes, its not super important to your life right now, and you can always add
  4. Everything is Relevant. Don't worry if you think your journaling/your likes will be irrelevant in the future. You're not coming up with your all-time favorite of favorites list; you're trying to to create a snapshot of your likes during a specific moment in time. Check out my most recent book to get an idea of the silly categories I used. 
  5. Do It Often. The best part about capturing the right now is that its always changing! Get in the habit of documenting your current favorites and you'll have a great collection of memories to compare with each other!
How do you document the right now? What are your favorite 'current favorites' to scrapbook?