Monday, February 18, 2013

Write Your Ten Minute Love Story

Every year, for Valentine's Day, I give Jeffrey something handmade and memory-related. This year v-day came up super quick; somehow it was February 13th and I still had nothing started. Luckily I had gotten my Studio Calico box earlier in the day and had the evening to throw something together.  

Instead of spending my time choosing, editing, and printing out photos; I went through the photos I have in my 'random photos' box -- you know the box that you throw all the extra photos in when you have no where else for them to go. 

I picked out six photos (all different sizes) that vaguely had something to do with Jeff and me. My criteria was: Can I write a sentence about loving him that somehow ties back to this picture?

Next I built the base of the book: Four strips of patterned paper, folded in half and adhered to each other with wide washi tape. 

This is my favorite way to make a quick mini book. The binding is sturdy enough to hold photos and a couple of embellishments. If I were to add heavier or bulkier embellishment, I would reinforce the binding with staples or a needle and thread. 

The secret to keeping this a quick project is to limit your supplies. Pick out 2/3 sheets of paper, an alpha, one stamp, and 2 or 3 embellishments. This is a perfect project for any kit leftovers you might have as well. 

My favorite part of making these quick mini-books is the freedom of a flowing story-line. Because I'm not stuck telling a story in chronological order, I get to ramble on the super specific details that are important to me. 

My challenge to you is to create a project with a non-linear story. 
Grab a couple of those photos you have lying around and turn them into something fun.

Leave a link to your project in the comments, at the end of the month I'll draw a name for some happy mail!