Thursday, April 4, 2013

52 Meals: A Year-long Challenge of Food and Family

A year-long challenge to cook Sunday Dinner at home each week. 

April is goal setting month. After coming up with new goals for the month, and a renewed determination to work on my medium-term goals, I came up with a brand new goal of cooking a full Sunday Dinner each week and I've been in love with the idea ever since. To hash out the details of the challenge, I conducted a self-interview on what 52 Meals means to me. 

Q. What is 52 Meals? 
A. 52 Meals is a new challenge I'm taking on for two reasons: 
  1. I want to cook more full, planned out, sit-down family meals. 
  2. I want to document our favorite family meals with recipes and pictures
Q. How do you envision the process each week? 
A. I see it happening in a couple of steps:
  1. During the week we'll plan a full meal. We'll pick out some recipes and change them around to suit our needs.
  2. Pick up whatever ingredients are necessary -- Jeff will pick up most of them at Trader Joe's. 
  3. And then on Sunday we'll cook the meal, set the table, and sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labor. 
Q. Where did you come up with the idea? 
A. We've always get aside football Sundays (Sundays during the NFL season) as 'us' time -- we don't go out, we don't make plans, we stay home and have family time. We catch up on reading, or work on household tasks together while watching football. After our recent Passover dinner, I decided that I wanted to make a more concerted effort to have sit-down, family-time dinners. 

The idea of sitting down together for Sunday dinner as a transition from the past week to the new week is very appealing. 

Q. What are you going to cook? Will you share recipes? 
A. My cooking style is mostly American comfort food cooked with fresh and quality ingredients. It has subtle French/Italian/& other worldly influences. 

I will definitely be sharing recipes. I'm not an exact numbers kind of girl; my recipes emphasize using what I have on hand and taking care to work through the process. 

Q. When will you be sharing? 
A. I'll be sharing our meals here each Monday. You can follow along during the week on twitter & instagram; I'll be using the hashtag #52Meals to corral all my photos in one place.