Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April is Goal Setting Month

April is Goal Setting Month. 

This month I'm pushing myself to set up and follow through on goal setting. I have a bunch of projects going on around me and I'm struggling to finish them up and move on.

I'm good with short-term goals -- I just put them on my to-do list and they get done. I'm good with long-term goals -- I know what's reasonable and what I can accomplish.

What I have a problem with is medium-term goals. The ones that take just a little bit of extra planning and follow through. So April is going to be the month where I push myself to work on those medium-term goals.

A Couple of Ways I'm Tacking Goal Setting Month:
  • I picked up I Choose: A self-paced workshop from Elise Blaha Cripe and Big Picture Classes. I love Elise's blog and her take on goal-setting and completion is definitely something to aspire to. It's a goal setting workshop and I'm at a point where I really need to sit down and get everything organized, not just some things organized.
Big Picture Classes

  • I'm working on figuring out how to organize my time on a weekly basis. Since starting to work from home I try to spend about 60 hours a week on 'business related things'. The problem isn't actually spending the time working; its spending too much time on one thing and not enough time on other areas. The result is mismatched priorities and an inefficient use of my time. 

  • Set concrete goals for this month:
    • Cook a sit-down dinner 5 nights a week. 
    • At least one blog post each weekday.
    • Finish my workshop. 
    • Take at least 5 pictures a day.
    • Write every day (even if its for 5 minutes). 
    • Not turn on the TV when I'm home alone
  • Set a new long term goal: 52 Meals: Sunday Dinner at Home; I'll be writing more about my 52 Meals project later this week! 

Here are a couple of my favorite goal setting resources:
1. Elise Blaha Cripe
2. Lemon & Raspberry
3. Campfire Chic on Productivity

What are some of your favorite resources? Leave them in the comments below.

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