Friday, May 17, 2013

My New Work Routine

I'm always looking for new ways to boost my productivity. I want to be better today than I was yesterday. Part of being better is spending some time figuring out the best way to do tasks.

Confession: I'm like really sucking at getting tasks done lately. Like, they get done; but I'm not as happy with myself as I should be.

I can sit down and work on a project for several hours straight, but my biggest problem is that there are so many different things that I feel like I should be working on that I jump from project to project to project. Worse yet, I'll get distracted because I have to answer an email or a tweet and fall down a gaping BuzzFeed or Candy Crush Saga internet hole. .

I want to spend more time each day working on big projects and getting big things done. I want to make things happen. I have amazing plans in my head, and now its time to step up and execute these plans.

So I'm trying a few new things:

  • Each day of the week will have a specific category assigned to it (with one flex day). My plan is to spend 120 minutes each day working on those big projects.
  • I also came across this great blog post from Sarah Von Bargen, and I'll be implementing her 40 minutes a day strategy for branding and business.
  • And I have this crazy idea brewing in the back of my head for a wall mounted google calendar. Hopefully I can make this happen asap, it seems so cool in my head. 

Let me know if I'm missing out on the golden key to productivity! What productivity methods are working for you right now? What isn't working for you?