Friday, March 1, 2013

Currently: Week 9

Week 9
Learn more about the Currently Journaling Challenge here or by scrolling to the bottom of this post. 

Happy Friday! In addition to my own currently card for the week, I'm excited to share a new project inspired by the Currently Journaling Challenge

Kristin's Currently List for Week 9: Sakura Microperm on Currently Original printed on a Seafoam Core Kit card.

And an introduction to Sarita's new weekly spin-off of the Currently Journaling Challenge
Currently: The Reader's Edition!

Let's share our Current(ly) thoughts on our most recent read every week.  Create a memory that you never want to forget and create a special place to hold them close to your heart!  
Are you an avid reader? Read more about Currently: The Reader's Edition and join in on the fun!

Currently Printable Journaling Cards: March's New Release will be available next week. Pick up the other editions in the shop for only one dollar!

Currently is a weekly journaling challenge designed to fit in perfectly with Project Life. It can also easily be tailored to fit whatever your personal memory-keeping style is.

Every Friday, I share my Currently list journaling card here on my blog, as well as on various social media sites like TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

Join the Currently community and meet great new friends.  To play along, leave your link in the widget below and use the hashtag #CurrentlyList on Instagram and Twitter to share your Currently List and find great inspiration from other people around the web! Bookmark the Currently Journaling Challenge main page to stay up to date with all things #CurrentlyList. 

Fun Ways to play along:
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